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The Certified CrossFit Trainer (CCFT) credential is for an experienced individual who wants to demonstrate a higher level of CrossFit coaching knowledge and ability. The purpose of the CCFT is to ensure that an individual possesses the knowledge and competency required to train clients safely and effectively. The CCFT exam, CCFT handbook, and select study materials are available in the following languages: English, Spanish (European), German, Italian, French, and Portuguese.

To attain this credential individuals must meet all eligibility requirements, pass the CCFT examination, and commit to a long-term standard of professional accountability. This includes completing continuing education which can be accomplished by taking CrossFit courses, approved third-party courses and more. The CCFT credential is accredited by the American National Standards Institute.

View the Certified CrossFit Trainer Scope of Practice.

A Certified CrossFit Trainer:

  • Designs and leads CrossFit workouts for both groups and individuals, from beginner to advanced, that are safe, effective, and appropriate for individuals who are apparently healthy or have medical clearance to exercise. The trainer recognizes the limitations of his or her own knowledge and skill set and refers clients to other healthcare professionals when appropriate.
  • Assesses, monitors, and develops exercise programming based on the athlete's current and ongoing fitness and performance goals, fitness level, readiness for training, performance (relative to goals, level, and readiness for training), lifestyle patterns, diet, and nutritional needs.
  • Teaches functional movements.
  • Minimizes risk and facilitates sound movement patterns.
  • Educates and motivates athletes towards exercise-program success and sound nutritional and lifestyle strategies.
  • Runs an ethical practice operating with professionalism and integrity.
  • Minimizes and manages risk for the athlete in the training facility, is prepared for emergency situations, and responds appropriately when they occur.

CCFT Handbook


ISO/IEC 17024
Personnel Certification

Age Requirements

Candidates must be 18 or older at the time of application.

Education and Experience

Candidates must fulfill each requirement in one of the following paths:

Path 1

  • Current CrossFit Level 2 Trainer Certificate
  • 375 hours of coaching CrossFit for groups or individuals. Hours must be accrued while Level 1 or 2 is current and must have been accumulated within the last 5 years.

Path 2

  • 1,000 hours of active strength and conditioning coaching at the collegiate or professional level. Hours need to have occurred for groups or individuals during employment for a college/university or professional sports team and must have been accumulated within the last 5 years.*

*Hours must be spent directly training athletes using GPP-based strength and conditioning; sport-specific training does not count for this requirement.

Medical Requirements

Candidates must possess a current cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) certificate. Note: Only certificates that include AED instruction in the curriculum will be accepted.

Ongoing maintenance of CPR training is required every two years, and proof of a current certificate may be requested by the CrossFit Certification Department at any time.

Verification of Eligibility

Upon applying, candidates must provide proof of completion of eligibility requirements. The CrossFit Certification Department may directly contact the applicant's verifying professional to confirm the number of coaching hours reported. All eligibility requirements are subject to random or systematic audit for verification purposes. Applicants should be prepared to provide proof of the classes coached, whether it is an individual logbook, coaching summary in management software or proof of payment from an employer. Any attempt to falsify eligibility requirements is a direct violation of the CrossFit Standards of Professional Practice and will be cause for rejection of the application and/or revocation of certification.

The Examination

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Exam Details

The Certified CrossFit Trainer examination consists of 160 multiple-choice questions. Of the questions, 140 count toward the score. The remaining 20 are not scored, but are included for a practice known as pretesting. Pretesting means that these items will be evaluated for potential inclusion on future examinations as scored questions. Each candidate has 3 hours and 55 minutes to complete the examination.

Candidates are tested on a broad range of topics such as Screening and Ongoing Assessment, Programming, Educating, Training, Leadership and Management, Lifestyle Education, and Professional Responsibilities. The CCFT is unique in its inclusion of videos and photos to test practical training skills and knowledge. The CCFT requires a significant number of hands-on coaching hours and is designed to test an individual’s ability to apply his or her knowledge gained from practical experience and education.

CCFT examinations are computer based and administered at Pearson VUE testing centers worldwide, including many U.S. military installations.

For a current list of testing centers, visit the CrossFit section of the Pearson VUE website.

Maintaining Your Credential

Maintaining the Certified CrossFit Trainer credential is accomplished through a 3-year recertification process. The process was designed to promote and preserve CrossFit's high standard of professional training.

In order to maintain your CCFT credential you must:

  • Abide by the CrossFit Standards of Professional Practice
  • Maintain a current CPR certificate
  • Obtain 36 continuing education units
  • Complete a minimum of 150 coaching hours
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How To Apply


Ensure all eligibility requirements are met. Have documentation of
requirements ready to upload to the online application.


Complete the application process. The CCFT application process guides the applicant through the steps to provide required information and documentation. The system automatically saves any information entered, which allows one to begin an application and complete it at a later time. To submit the application, there is a US$150 nonrefundable application fee.


Prepare for the examination using the CCFT Study Materials and the CCFT Candidate Handbook.