Important Notice:

The following Content Outline and Study Materials are specific to CCFT examinations taken prior to December 16, 2017.
Click here to view the Content Outline and Study Materials for exams after December 16, 2017.

Content Outline

The Certified CrossFit Trainer examination conforms to a content outline based on a formal practice analysis of CrossFit Trainers. The exam is broken down into five domains. Each domain has tasks (or functions) within it that are required of an effective trainer. Each task has abilities (or skills) needed to accomplish that task, and knowledge required to demonstrate that ability.

Candidates can assess their readiness for the examination by evaluating their skills and knowledge against those listed in the Content Outline

  • Domain D1: Screening and Assessment
  • Domain D2: Programming/Program Design
  • Domain D3: Coaching (to include movement, nutrition, and lifestyle)
  • Domain D4: Class and Athlete Management
  • Domain D5: Professional Performance and Responsibilities

Study Material

Study material is provided to help prepare candidates for the Certified CrossFit Trainer examination. While this study material is extensive, it is not exhaustive. Candidates should not attempt to memorize the content in the study material. The exam questions are not necessarily taken directly from these sources. Instead, candidates should attempt to understand the concepts presented and be able to apply them to training scenarios.

A collection of articles are available in the reference list below. This can be used to see all articles grouped by exam domain with direct links.

Below you can search the Study Material by domain, keywords and categories to create a more refined path of study.